Affordable dental care in Accrington

At Antley Villa we take pride in offering quality dental care and want to make it easy for our patients to enjoy having healthy teeth and gums and a confident smile.

Due to this we run two dental plans enabling you to spread the cost of your dental care into affordable monthly payments, and providing you with a number of additional benefits.

Why should I join a dental plan?

By seeing us regularly you can benefit from less fillings, less decay, less likelihood of tooth ache and a more attractive smile.

Members also have the peace of mind knowing that they are covered for any dental injury or accident that may occur whilst at home or away in the UK or abroad.

Dental plan 1

Members of our plan pay just £13.55 per month, this covers:

Dental plan 2 (Care plan)

We will assess the likely ongoing level of treatment and care you will need and advise you on what your monthly fee will be. Prices start from £17.85 per month. This will cover:

How to join our dental plan

Please call our Accrington practice on 01254 232040 or email us to request full details of the plans.