Inman Aligner - fast, effective treatment

The Inman Aligner is our quickest orthodontic treatment, with treatment time usually being between just 6 to 16 weeks!

Simple cases can be completed in just over a month whereas more complicated cases can take around four months. We will give you a realistic idea of what to expect when we see you.

What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner consists of a clear plastic strip across the front of the teeth and a spring behind which together ease the teeth into their new positions. It is a virtually invisible and removable appliance that gently but quickly moves your teeth into the right position, a little like a sports mouthguard, but is thinner and more transparent.

Although treatment is limited to only the front teeth, the system is extremely effective and uses a gentle approach that causes little discomfort while delivering results much quicker than other orthodontic treatments.

It's a very effective alternative to bulkier traditional braces. It's also more cost-effective than some other similar treatments.

Because it is removable, you can eat normally and clean your teeth as normal.

Visit http://www.inmanaligner.com/how-it-works/index.php to find more about how it works or call our practice on 01254 232040.

Visit http://www.inmanaligner.com/results/index.php to see what the Inman Aligner can do!